weight loss

Can you handle the truth about dieting?

When it comes to achieving weight loss, diets are just not healthy. There, I said it. Let me explain. Diets place your body in a nutrient deficient state of one type or another in order to meet weight loss goals. Furthermore, diets often are difficult to follow, track, measure and sustain. But, you don’t want to sustain them, anyway, because you don’t want your body to function for long periods of time while depleted. So, most who diet go into it with an end date in mind. Then, they pop right back into their bad eating habits which caused them to diet in the first place.

Eating a nutritionally complete, clean, balanced diet is ideal, but most people cannot afford the time or cost to do so. You practically need a master’s degree in nutritional science to plan out ingredients, recipes, and then hours to do the shopping every week. Not many have that kind of time, patience and money.

I have more bad news, sorry. Even when you seek out what you think are healthy, whole foods, often times those fruits and vegetables can be deficient in vital nutrients, usually due to being grown in over-farmed soil. They could also have been engineered, as in genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs.

Now, for the good news: Science isn’t all bad when it comes to food. In fact, nutritional science has made great strides in providing pure, high-quality foods that counteract the nutrient deficiencies commonplace, today. Now, super healthy, convenient, pre-measured and affordable meals are available to you and your family. Many of these nutritional systems include healthy protein shakes to replace one or two meals per day, depending if your goal is weight loss, maintenance or supplementation. Nutritionally-balanced protein shakes are fast becoming a convenient and healthy alternative to diets and fast food.

So, if your goal is weight loss, don’t deny yourself essential nutrients and get on the diet roller coaster. Instead, take advantage of nutritional science. The result will be a healthier, simplified nutritional plan for you and your family.

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