POLL RESULTS: 2023 New Year Resolutions

new years resolution 2023

The results are in! our 2StayFit 2023 New Year Resolutions poll is completed – thanks to all who participated. Below are how our website and social media friends voted on their 2023 new year resolution:

27.7%  Lose Weight

12.8%  Spend More Time With Family/Friends

12.8%  Get Fit & Toned

10.6%  Hire A Personal Trainer

8.5%  Improve My Job Situation

8.5%  Save More Money

6.4%  Do More Volunteer Work

6.4%  Improve My Nutrition

6.4% Other

Coach Mick at 2StayFit is committed to helping individuals and families to live healthier lives through fitness and nutritional coaching, training, encouragement and accountability. If you need help meeting your New Year Resolution, Contact Us, here!

Here’s to a HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS 2023!

Coach Mick