It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you should employ some level of fitness goals into your lifestyle. And, you don’t have to be a gym rat to be considered fit. Many variables will drive what is required to be fit. Ultimately,  goals come into play.

Optimizing Weight Loss

The dynamic duo of weight loss is healthy nutrition and customized fitness. The reality is that calorie deficit (burning more calories per day than you’re consuming) is much more difficult to achieve without exercise and a much less healthy approach. We can help you find the right balance with both to get you on your way to healthier living. 

Fitness For Athletes

If you’re a competitive athlete, then you have very specific training and endurance needs. We use the science-backed Optimum Performance Training model, which is a multi-phased model that maximizes development and lowers risk of injury. While we provide specific exercise regimens for athletes in specific sports, we are able to provide athlete-specific nutritional recommendations and integrate those into training regimen. We can also do the same for weekend athletes.

Customized Fitness For Seniors

Since seniors face numerous challenges related to mobility, flexibility and nutrition, we bring our experience and working with elderly clients to maintain their health and independent living for as long as possible. Examples of our work include weight gain, weight loss, improved mobility, alleviating muscle imbalance and postural issues, as well as building functional strength and movement.

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