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From Health Fears To Fitness Goals

For more than a year, many Americans have been living in fear over a virus, shrouded in mystery, hype and misinformation. Even the CDC had to correct, rather quietly, the devastating numbers being broadly published in oft-sensationalized media accounts of the pandemic. Still, the fear spread and extensive lockdowns forced gyms and athletic organizations to cease operations. Therefore, for many, health and fitness goals were put on hold. The mental, emotional and physical toll was inevitable as many found themselves without the proper equipment, facilities and support to continue their fitness programs.

Many found themselves more sedentary, or focused on food out of boredom or other emotional issues. It wouldn’t be a stretch to predict that the pandemic made the epidemic of obesity significantly worse. Not that it wasn’t already horrific beyond belief. In fact, in 2017-18, the CDC determined that adult obesity in the U.S. had reached 42.4% and 73.6% are considered overweight. We must put a stop to this!

The pandemic has lost much of it’s momentum and hype, finally. Gyms are back open, if they survived the lockdowns, and most people are becoming less fearful of being face to face with others.  There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to re-focus on personal health and fitness.

Focus On Fitness Goals

So, what are your fitness goals? Are you trying to fit into a dress for a friend’s wedding in two months? Looking to cut some inches for an upcoming beach trip? Simply want to tone up after the long gym hiatus. Maybe you are needing cardio training for an upcoming 10k? Or, perhaps you’re feeling your age and want to increase flexibility, range of motion, balance or energy? The right Certified Personal Trainer can help you meet those goals.

Choosing A Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers operate in different ways. Some work for local gyms, others bring equipment to your home to assist your exercise program, one-on-one, face-to-face. Many offer online sessions via Zoom or other web conferencing applications – a great feature if you’re still uneasy about Covid-19, or want to open your options to out-of-state trainers. The fact is, your fitness and health is not going to take care of itself. You need to focus on setting realistic goals and get moving – team up with a personal trainer who is qualified to assess, guide and encourage you on your way to achieving those goals.

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