Pharms Over Exercise For Diabetics…Who Knew?

exercise for diabetics

Today, I have a story of warning and encouragement to any of you who happen to be overweight, obese or even dealing with Type 2 Diabetes. If your physician is like one of my client’s physicians (and I’m still recovering from the shock of that interaction), you might be in a situation where your physician dismisses exercise as a means of lowering blood sugar levels, and instead pushes pharmaceuticals on you. There are several reasons you should have a firm conversation with your physician if this is the case. I’m not saying a prescription wasn’t necessary just that the physician should have approved exercise, as well. Here are a few reasons why:


  1. The fact is that exercise is a key to lowering high blood sugar levels, improving metabolism, speeding glycolysis (converting food into energy). This has been proven in several studies, as referenced in this report from Harvard Health Publishing – Harvard Medical School:
  1. Regular exercise is a gateway for beneficial lifestyle change, including improved nutritional habits and social interactions that snowball into more healthful lifestyles.
  1. Studies prove that regular exercise reduces stress.

As a CPT, I am fully aware that clients with high/low blood pressure, hypertension and other heart conditions should never be exercising in prone or supine positions. I also know that they SHOULD be exercising, not just medicating.


Therefore, I encourage you all to exercise, regularly unless your doctor has explained exercise-limiting factors to you. If you need a Personal Trainer who is serious about your health and wellness, who can be an encouraging partner in your fitness journey, and who is willing to converse with your doctor to make sure we’re all working together to that end, please reach out to me, anytime.


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