The Silent Link: Covid-19 Deaths and Obesity

I won’t be silent anymore. The CDC, Fauci, health officials and politicians seem to have chosen to be silent on the obvious link between Covid comorbidities and obesity. They sure seem hell-bent on frightening citizens about the
never-ending Covid-19 dangers, a virus with a 99.94% survivability, apparently
to scare them into getting jabbed with questionable, experimental drugs that
are actually killing thousands of people (don’t take my word, check their
official VAERS database, yourself). Furthermore, they continue to undermine
treatments or therapies that have been proven effective against the virus. But, they remain silent on another solution – eat healthy and lose weight.

The Shocking Obesity Percentages 

We now know that at least 46% of American adults are obese.
That number is astonishing to me – should be to you, and certainly to the CDC.
Obesity causes many of the “co-morbidities” mentioned as susceptibilities
related to Covid-19 infection. All the more reason to shout it from the CDC
mountaintop, one would think. These co-morbidities include heart and lung disease,
diabetes, cancers, immune disorders, to name a few. And, since more than 74% of
American adults are overweight, it seems the CDC should have sent loud and
clear messages about the dangers of obesity, throughout the pandemic. Yet, the
CDC has been mostly silent on the matter, while ongoing messaging about the
need for unproven and potentially deadly vaccinations and seemingly endless
boosters (they’re cueing booster number six, as I write), flood the media. I
refuse to be silent.

The solution

It is time to focus on healthy eating and weight
loss, so that your immune system is as powerful as possible against menaces
like flu, coronovirus, etc., not to mention chronic disease. This is the only
body you get for your lifetime. If you are ready to stop being unhealthy,
contact me and I’ll help you make positive changes.