The Power Of Simplified Nutrition

Change is hard. Creating new habits takes time and commitment. Research can be intimidating. Nobody wants to commit time, energy and resources toward building habits that lead them in the wrong direction. When it comes to building healthy nutrition habits, the information is vast, often contradictory, and can be overwhelming to digest, pun intended.

You Have Options

One option is to do that research, planning, implementation, analysis, and adjustments on your own. Another approach would be to hire a dietician or nutritionist who can conduct in-depth analysis of current nutrition habits, metrics, testing, meal planning and ongoing evaluations. This can be rather expensive and time-consuming.

Another alternative is to hire a Certified Nutrition Coach, who can assess your current behaviors in light of your nutrition or weight loss goals, provide nutritional direction, encouragement and accountability, and make timely recommendations, backed by science, all in a partnered approach to improve your nutrition and build healthy habits. This option will save you time and money.

The Scope Of A Nutrition Coach

While a CNC is not authorized to provide daily meal plans like an LDN or RDN, for example, teaming up with a nutrition coach is typically an affordable alternative to get science-based nutritional information and coaching based on your individual weight loss/gain goals. Two common services provided by a CNC are to help clients with time-saving meal preparation methods, and coaching the client on setting daily calorie goals, timing of meals and optimizing macronutrient (Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein) intake percentages. Finally, if a client requires more in-depth nutrition, a CNC can also refer to and work with a nutritionist or dietician to help clients maintain meal plans.

How You Can Benefit From A Nutrition Coach

So, what are the personal benefits you can achieve by working with a CNC? Here are a few:

  • Safe, sustainable weight loss based on your specific goals.
  • Athletic-specific nutritional guidance, as well as event-specific nutrition coaching, i.e. 10k, triathlon, tournament, etc.
  • Healthier grocery shopping habits built through education and simplification.
  • Achieve weight gain goals in a healthy way in order to increase energy (fuel) and strength.
  • Nutritional answers through timely information and science at your fingertips.
  • Encouragement and accountability to stay the course.
  • Gain lean muscle mass while reducing body fat (improved body composition).
  • Customized grocery (replacement) lists following in-home or remote pantry/refrigerator audit.

Who Can Benefit By Hiring A Nutrition Coach?

Many scenerios exist where hiring a nutrition coach would benefit general health for you and/or your family members. Here are a few:

  • Busy family whose kids participate in year-around sports and have trouble planning meals and avoiding fast food.
  • Corporate executive who has put on unwanted pounds and wants to look and feel better with more energy, but doesn’t know where or how to start.
  • 30-something IT professional who has developed bad eating habits, and needs nutritional guidance and accountability in order to lose weight.
  • New mother who wants to lose weight and start working out in order to fit into her pre-pregnancy clothing.
  • 50s male one year into a resistance training program, is gaining muscle mass and body weight, but can’t seem to achieve body composition goals, i.e. body fat reduction, or toning.
  • 80-year old woman whose doctor is concerned about her weight loss and waining appetite, especially since she has hired a Personal Trainer to help improve her mobility, flexibility and strength.
  • Family wants help with recommendations for healthier foods to replace what is currently in their pantry and refrigerator.
  • Parent concerned for an obese pre-teen – looking for ideas and help implementing healthier meal and snack planning.

Many nutritional pitfalls exist that can greatly affect your or your family’s health. A Certified Nutrition Coach is capable of providing direction and accountability, armed with science-backed information, methods and tips that can drastically simplify and improve your nutrition. Don’t wait, get started down the healthier path, today.