Activate Fitness and Nutrition Replacement Habits

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“I want to make positive changes to my fitness and nutrition, but I don’t know where to start.

If this sounds like you and you’re waiting for the great epiphany, the spark, the aha moment, you might be waiting for a long, long time. The more you hesitate, the deeper becomes the bad habits’ foothold.

Don’t be discouraged by those who seemingly can flip a switch and move forward from day one. We’ll call them the hyper-motivated group. Most of us operate differently. For us, inch by inch,
step by step, day by day momentum building is the answer. Identifying then replacing
bad habits with good habits is the key to gaining momentum and ultimately
reaching your fitness and nutrition goals and creating healthy behavior

And doing so is relatively simple and very powerful, once you learn to identify bad habits, how they’re triggered and good habits with which they can be replaced.

Fitness Replacement Habits

Here are some common bad habits, the identifiable triggers for those habits and example replacement habits that can kick-start your fitness:

Bad Habit 1 – Convincing yourself that you’re too busy to exercise.

Trigger 1 – negative attitude toward the amount of time it takes to exercise (in this case, an excuse).

Replacement Habit 1 – Break your lunch in half. 30 minutes to eat, 30 minutes exercise (brisk walking, 20-minute HIIT program on YouTube, etc.).

Bad Habit 2 – Over-extending…too much, too soon.

Trigger 2 – Feeling of impatience; wanting or expecting immediate results “I want this, now!”

Replacement Habit 2 – engage a Certified Personal Trainer to provide a comprehensive, phased approach that minimizes injury and burnout and offers milestones to be celebrated.

Bad Habit 3 – Ambivalence, you don’t know where or how to start and keep putting it off.

Trigger 3 – Don’t like gyms or are intimidated by them. Feel you’re lacking adequate knowledge. Excuses.

Replacement Habit 3 – engage a Certified Personal Trainer who can provide in-home exercises (has mobile fitness equipment), and serve as an encouraging accountable partner.

Nutrition Replacement Habits

I won’t get into all the foods that are in your pantry and refrigerator that are an obvious source of bad nutritional habits. However, I have provided some common nutrition pitfalls and recommended replacement habits that might help, below.

Bad Habit 1 – You indulge your children’s desire to consume delicious but unhealthy snacks.

Trigger 1 – Early afternoon hunger and snacking desire strikes.

Replacement Habit 1 – Work with your children to find healthier snacks that won’t place you or them in a bad nutrition situation. Ex. Fruit, nuts, non-fat greek yogurt, etc.

Bad Habit 2 – Client lunches/dinners blow your calorie budget.

Trigger 2 – Peer pressure.

Replacement Habit 2 – Have a dining plan: Opt for salads or small portion items, or ask for a to-go box when ordering (NOT AFTER EATING). When meal arrives, immediately cut in half and
place leftovers in box for later.

Bad Habit 3 – Not eating sufficient carbohydrates to fuel your significant workout regimen.

Trigger 3 – Pride in your calorie-burning accomplishments leads to deficient macronutrient intake to provide sufficient energy throughout the day – this can lead to lethargy, muscle mass
loss, and worse.

Replacement Habit 3 – Adjust your daily caloric intake goals on your heaviest workout days to account for sufficient macronutrient intake. For example, if burning 500-700 calories through exercise on a 2200-calorie per day budget, be sure to consume approximately 500 more calories throughout the day, especially carbohydrates pre and post workout in order to maintain energy. If weight training, consider upping your protein as part of your caloric budget to support muscle tissue repair and development. A reasonable macronutrient distribution of calories might be
45-65% carbs; 15-20% fats; 25-40% proteins.

Building Healthy Behaviors Is A Process

Building healthy habits is a process. Therefore, don’t overcomplicate your efforts to make positive changes. Focus on the simple yet profound habits that you can replace, first. Once you’ve mastered these, it will come naturally for you to identify and replace further habits
until you’ve built healthy behaviors. Of course, if you feel like you need assistance with building either healthy fitness or nutritional habits, feel free to reach out to us to help you meet your goals.

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