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How To Discover Your Why

We all have drivers, or motivations that steer our actions. Currently, a core motivation is being referred to as our “Why.” It’s the underlying motivation for commiting time, energy, money, etc., toward a goal or set of goals. Since this is a fitness and nutrition blog, I’ll focus on health-related WHYs. And, I’ll lead by …

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Activate Fitness and Nutrition Replacement Habits

“I want to make positive changes to my fitness and nutrition, but I don’t know where to start.” If this sounds like you and you’re waiting for the great epiphany, the spark, the aha moment, you might be waiting for a long, long time. The more you hesitate, the deeper becomes the bad habits’ foothold. …

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Why Not Wow, Now?

Life is short. Carpe diem. Seize the day. No better time like the present. We’ve heard all the oft-used phrases meant to emphasize the importance of NOW. They’re great, sure. But, how useful are they, really? If you are like many people, when you look in the mirror, each day, you conjure thoughts of failure, …

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