Demystifying Weight Loss For Moms: PART I – MINDSET

I know. I’ve heard the complaints over and over again: “Why can men lose weight and tone up so easily and I can’t as a woman? It’s just not fair!”

Well, I’ll start by saying that it isn’t the figment of your imagination. It’s likely more difficult for women, especially middle-aged women, to lose pesky body fat and tone those muscles as readily as can most men your age. And, although I like to simplify solutions and fitness and nutrition education, this one is going to take more words than one post can address sufficiently.

Based on my professional training and experience, there are 4 major keys to successful weight loss – Mindset, Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism/Body Chemistry. This is true for everyone, but the latter key is most relevant for 50+ moms that appear to cause a great deal of frustration. If you’re like many, you’ve expended vast amounts of time, energy and money on the first three and still struggle with unwanted fat around your stomach, hips and thighs. This four-part blog series will culminate with my attempt to demystify, and hopefully simplify, the process. But, first things first.

Proper Weight Loss Mindset Is Key

First, and of utmost importance, is having the proper mindset. If you start a weight loss or fitness journey with self-doubt or a defeatist attitude, it will be nearly impossible to meet goals and succeed.  

I would describe the ideal mindset for a weight loss client as follows: The ideal candidate for success in a 2StayFit weight loss program is one who is realistic about their baseline status, and willing to be transparent about their behaviors and will not deflect the blame for it; one who is motivated, whether that is coach-driven or self-determined; able to set and commit to SMART goals; one who is willing to adjust their lifestyle in a sustained manner in order to meet those goals; and who can forgive themselves when they stumble or fail, along the journey.

Tips For Building A Successful Mindset

Wake up with positive affirmation about your journey – perhaps create a daily mantra that you say aloud each morning. Review your weight loss goals, regularly. Report progress/regression to your coach, mentor and spouse. Continually improving – correct mistakes and look and move forward. Celebrate even small victories. Be grateful. Be quick to forgive yourself when you stumble (you will).

If you can embrace a mindset like this, all the work ahead will seem less of a burden. If you feel you are struggling to get there, and would like some help, contact us via this form and we’ll explain how we can help. In most cases, we can help you while we get you started in your comprehensive weight loss programs. So don’t wait, start shedding that pesky fat, instead! 

Coming Soon: Demystifying Weight Loss For Moms: PART II – NUTRITION