How To Discover Your Why

what is your why

We all have drivers, or motivations that steer our actions. Currently, a core motivation is being referred to as our “Why.” It’s the underlying motivation for commiting time, energy, money, etc., toward a goal or set of goals.

Since this is a fitness and nutrition blog, I’ll focus on health-related WHYs. And, I’ll lead by example by explaining my WHY, as in why I chose to make health and fitness my life’s work after more than thirty-five years as a marketing professional.

I’ve long held a WHY in maintaining personal fitness. Then, when I realized that I had a deep passion for and ability to coach others, the pieces began to fit together.  As I considered this, eventually I recognized that I was driven to help people improve their lives through better nutrition, fitness and training. Especially motivating was the reality that 72% of U.S. adults are overweight and 46% are obese. I was shocked at the statistics. But, perhaps an even stronger driver was the fact that I never heard any of the country’s health agencies or leaders mention this staggering epidemic. So, atop my personal WHY of staying fit for life, keeping toned and maintaining muscle balance to ensure my ability to be active and athletic, I’ve taken my place in the void of public health information, and am committed to do what I can to address this problem.

In short, I can serve my own WHY and commit to helping others in need of better fitness and nutrition, simultaneously. Therefore, t’s both a passion and a no-brainer for me.

Below are some other examples that might help you determine what your WHY might be when it comes to your own health and fitness.

Examples of WHY:

You were overweight growing up and made fun of by cruel kids at school. Although you’ve lost much of your “baby fat,” now that you are successful, you are motivated to get fit, toned and healthy for your 20-year high school reunion.

Your main friend group is into outdoor adventures which require endurance and strength. You’re tired of missing out due to your lack of fitness.

Your obesity and resulting diabetes limit the activity you can participate in with your grandchildren. They mean the world to you and you want to get healthy and stay fit so that you can be more involved and for a long time.

Your doctor warned that heart problems are imminent due to your excessive weight and work stress. You know that better nutrition and regular exercise are a powerful combination to combat those issues.

You used to play softball, a game you were passionate about and played through college. After several years of physical inactivity and missing the sport, you decided to join a competitive league and you are determined to get back into game shape.

Your daughter is getting married in nine months and you are determined to fit into that beautiful formal dress you last fit into three years ago.

Your family suffers from unhealthy nutrition habits that have resulted in obesity. You are tired of feeling guilty over being partly to blame. Therefore, you decided to be part of the solution. You will serve as an example of healthy living and eating from now on.

What a WHY Is NOT

“I want to lose 20 lbs in 3 months by reducing my calorie intake to 1600 kcals per day and exercising four hours per week” is not your WHY. Instead, it is an example of a goal you’ve set in order to fulfill your WHY. It is tactical in nature. Your WHY contains an intrinsic emotional appeal. That emotion might be fear, frustration, love, a passion for an activity, hobbie or sport, a vision of something that would make you happy, etc.

Hone In On Your WHY

Your WHY might be similar to one of these, or completely different. What matters is that you don’t just seek personal health because it’s the cool thing to do. If you do, you might become disinterested or overwhelmed, quickly. But, if you can find that BIG reason worth commiting to, and keep that WHY top-of-mind, you are much more likely to achieve the nutrition and fitness goals you set in order to fulfill your Why.

Get Help In Determining And/Or Fulfilling Your WHY

If you need help in determining or meeting your health and fitness WHY, contact us using this form – and click the “Health & Fitness WHY” check box. To get started on the journey motivated by your WHY, we’ve provided a simple and FREE worksheet. Simple click the link, below!

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